Sunday services

Visitors are welcome at any Sunday morning service.

  • 9:30 AM Sunday school for children and adults
  • 10:20 AM Worship service

We regularly share a fellowship potluck meal the third Sunday of every month. Visitors are welcome to stay for the meal with no obligation to bring their own food.

Mid-week services

We welcome visitors at our midweek services during the summer. We often spend some time singing, reading the scriptures, and praying together. These are typically held on the first and third Wednesdays of the summer months.

Over the fall, winter and spring we meet in small groups in homes for midweek services, usually on first Wednesday evenings. Participation in cell groups is open to those attending regular Sunday services.

Children’s Ministries

We offer mid-week programs for children and young people ages 5-15. For more information, please visit our Ministries page.

Youth Group

Activities for young people ages 15+ are usually scheduled one per week. A youth committee that includes two sponsor couples and several youth representatives plans events such as prayer and share times, guys’ and girls’ groups, a recreational activity, a mission-oriented activity, and a social event. The youth calendar is available here.

Men’s and Women’s Groups

Many church men participate in small groups that meet once or twice a month, usually in the mornings at the home of one of the men. Please ask if you would like to participate in these groups.

The women of the church meet for service projects, often mid-day on Wednesdays. They also organize occasional activities for the women in the evenings. These are posted to our calendar as they are planned.

When You Visit

Some visitors are concerned about fitting in or embarrassing themselves (or us!) when they visit. We welcome anyone who is seeking Jesus.

  • We pass offering baskets on Sunday mornings during our worship service, but no one is obligated to give.
  • Unlike some conservative Mennonite congregations, men and women do not sit separately for the service. We usually sit as families, with young people often sitting near the front and families sitting toward the back to reduce distractions from young children.
  • Children usually stay with their parents or other adults during the entire service. We do not have a separate service for children.
  • We do not have a dress code for visitors. Men usually wear a suit or dress pants with a button-down shirt. Women usually wear dresses with a cape or layered top and cover their long hair with a cap or veil, but some visitors choose not to. We are not offended by women who do not veil their heads during our services, although we encourage them to explore the Christian practice described in I Corinthians 11.
  • The congregation sings in four-part harmony without accompaniment. We do not normally clap to accompany our songs, but if the Spirit leads you to clap, we will not be offended!
  • Men in the congregation may greet each other with a kiss on the cheek or a hug. Women may also greet one another similarly. This is called a “holy kiss” and is a part of both Christian and Mennonite tradition. People in the congregation will not typically initiate this greeting unless they know you are familiar and comfortable with the practice.

We would be glad to welcome you to our next service!